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April is the National Month of Hope

It may not be April, but Hope is a great topic for any month.

Hope is a powerful thing. The Oxford Dictionary defines hope as: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

What does hope mean to you? What do you hope for?

Hope is an excellent thing to cultivate in therapy and a healing journey.

Just showing up for therapy, (or most things) is a clear sign that you have hope, hope that what you desire to change will and it will get better.

What are some ways to cultivate/nurture hope?

  • Write down hopes/goals- name the things that you hope for and the steps you can take to get there.

  • Share your hopes/goals- when we share our hopes and goals with safe and supportive people, they can help cheer us on and hold us accountable towards our goals.

  • Expect obstacles- we can get discouraged with obstacles. If you consider that figuring your way through obstacles is a part of the journey, this can help you not be thrown off when they come (and they will,) and instead be creative about figuring out how to navigate them.

  • Remember- recall times in your life when things went well, or you worked through something, or just times of joy. Remembering kindles hope.

  • Find a "Hero of Hope"- find and learn about someone you admire, how they navigated life and what you'd like to integrate into your journey of hope.

Let's celebrate and cultivate hope!

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