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Celebrating 3 years in business!

March 1, 2023 was the three year anniversary of this business. Three years!

I can’t believe I am just realizing that the official opening of the business coincided with the first day of Women’s History Month. I love it.

This month I will be offering some very special content; highlighting women who I know or have known, I have been impacted by and who have agreed to share a bit about their lives, their journey and their gifts/callings.

As you learn about these women, I hope you are inspired and challenged.

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2 commentaires

Peggy Fealk
Peggy Fealk
10 mars 2023

Congratulations Jessica! That's quite an accoplishment, an ongoing successful new business in a pandemic!😉

12 déc. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you!

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