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Time for a mental health tune up?

I was recently doing the weekly watering of our plants (inside and out,) descaling the coffee maker, cleaning the kitty litter, vacuuming the floors and began thinking about maintenance. Everything needs maintenance to survive, work well, and in some cases thrive; living and non-living things. It got me thinking: how much attention, care, nurture, maintenance do I give to the things that aren't tangible?

Like the relationships with my family out of state, with friends who I don't see everyday, my mental health... the list could go on. As a gardener, I'm pretty aware of the tending plants need to grow and thrive. The soil needs to be full of nutrients, every plant needs their time of sun, weeds have to be pulled, invasive bugs need to be spotted and removed, and regular watering needs to be kept up with.

So what do I need, do you need to maintain healthy and thriving mental health?

* What 'weeds' do I need to look out for and uproot?

* What 'bugs' do I need to keep an eye out for and removed?

* What 'waters' my spirit and soul?

* How do I position myself for the 'sun' I need?

You might also consider these questions in light of your significant relationships.

What needs some tending to in your life?

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Peggy Fealk
Peggy Fealk
Oct 06, 2023

How do I find the weeds and bugs? Would water for my spirit be something physical, pleasing to the senses? Would sunshine be something intangible, like an accomplishment?

Dec 12, 2023
Replying to

Great questions! You might consider for weeds; what are things that are taking up time and energy in a relationship, or my life that actually keep me from growing? For bugs; what are things that are eating away at my health?

Yes! Water for your spirit could be anything that feels nourishing to you.

Sunshine; could definitely be something like an accomplishment.

It's a lot of questions to reflect on, you might choose 1-2 and start there!

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