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About Me

I have been working with individuals and families in a variety of settings for over 20 years.  Just out of college, I began my professional career serving families in the city of Detroit and I wondered what I would have to offer families with more life experience, and honestly much different life experiences.  As I was given the honor to be allowed into people’s lives, I came to understand my purpose wasn’t to give advice, it wasn’t to have it more together, it wasn’t to be “ahead of” those I worked with. My purpose was to be present to each person and family I was with for a season; to listen, to elicit their goals, to provide a safe place for them to be themselves, to support them in achieving their goals, to reflect and build on their strengths, to celebrate successes no matter how seemingly small, to laugh and cry through joys and struggles, to challenge (when we had enough of a relationship for me to do that,)-- to honestly and supportively journey with them for a season.

Growth and healing happened organically with these ingredients.   

My experiences, training and skills have certainly expanded and matured since my first professional job and realizations over 2 decades ago, but my core and foundational understanding of my purpose has not: 


When people feel safe to be who they truly are, to uncover strengths that have been present all along, and make a few changes to nurture their goals-- healing and growth happen. 

My hope for all clients is not simply change, but transformation.

Over a decade into my decision to follow Jesus and halfway through my graduate counseling schooling, I was introduced to Formational Prayer.  Formational Prayer, I was told is a ministry of the Holy Spirit,

to bring healing and transformation to people’s places of deepest wounding. 

This model I soon came to realize was my “it.”  Formational Prayer is based in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Bible and scientific research. Root issues are uncovered, root issues are spoken into by Jesus and people are transformed.  

One of the people transformed through this model is myself.  I began a healing journey through this model in 2011, and continue on this journey.  Jesus has identified lies spoken into me, and that became part of my identity, and Jesus spoke His truth into those lies.  I have had undeniable miraculous experiences that have transformed my broken perspective of God. I’ve brutally and honestly lamented feelings around wounds to God and found healing in this process and His responses to me.       

These are some of my experiences.  As a fellow traveler, I am overjoyed and honored to accompany those who desire healing and transformation through the power of Jesus Christ.  


Please Note: Formational Prayer is offered through: Daly Soul Care, LLC  

My passion is to accompany others on a healing journey.

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