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Pre-Marital Counseling

Utilizing Prepare/ENRICH Materials (and other tools as appropriate) 

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How does it work?

*Ideally, I recommend starting sessions 6-12 months before your wedding day. 

1. Review Investment Rates here

2. Request a Consult, click HERE

3. Schedule your 6-8 weekly sessions 

4. Take the P/E Assessment 

5. Attend Sessions to explore strengths, and learn and practice tools to help you in your growth areas unique to your relationship.  

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Why Invest?

  • You are preparing for a lifetime together, not just a day. 

  • This will be one of your most important relationships, and affect every area of your life. 

  • Couples who participate in premarital programs experience a 30% increase in marital satisfaction over those who do not participate. (1)

  • 80% of couples who receive pre-martial training stayed together. (2)

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Why Prepare/Enrich Materials?

  • CUSTOMIZED: The questions are based on each couple’s unique background and are tailored for previous marriage, children, age, living arrangement, and more. Couples feel accurately represented when taking their premarital assessment.*

  • EXPOSES IDEALISM:  Couples often approach the premarital season of their relationship with rose-colored glasses, assuming everything will be fine because they are in love. Prepare/Enrich helps couples see an unbiased, clearer picture so you can dive deep to work on the important subjects.*

  • BUILDS CONFIDENCE: Using an assessment as framework for working with couples will help you. Prepare/Enrich has supported over 100,000 counselors and clergy to build your confidence in working with couples. In addition, it can help the couple build confidence in their decision to move towards the next step in their relationship.* 

Explore more about Prepare/Enrich HERE

*from Prepare/Enrich website:

(1) Jason S Carroll and William J Doherty, "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Premarital Prevention Programs: A Meta-Analytic Review of Outcome Research, "Family Relations 52, no 2 (April 2003): 105-118. 
(2) David H Olson and Amy K Olson, Empowering Couples: Building on Your Strengths (Minneapolis: Life Innovations, 2000).

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