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Meet MarShondra- Women's History Month

During Women's History Month, I have invited several women who have been formative in my life to share about their journey and callings.

As you learn about these women, I hope you are inspired and challenged.

I have known MarShondra for 15 years. We met because she got the job we both interviewed for! We ended up working for the same organization, and I have never been more happy about not getting a job :) We have had so many adventures together; New Orleans, advocating for LPC's in Lansing, salsa dancing, partaking in the local arts, festivals, meeting John Perkins (CCDA Founder,) and that's a short list! Our conversations almost always include laugher and I appreciate a whole new perspective I can get from our sharing. I am a better person because of our friendship.

1. Would you share a bit about who you are; where you live, how you spend your days, your work, volunteering, your family makeup, your race, cultural background, faith context, pets, etc? (whatever you feel comfortable sharing)

My Facebook Profile says I am "Daughter of Mary & Donald. Entrepreneur. Lover of God, People, Myself and Justice For Us All. I wrote that years ago, and yet it still so well sums me up. I have worked as a Quality Consultant & Auditor, a Community Development LISC Americorps Intern, both a hospital and community Chaplain and loved each position.

Today I run my second business - I founded Aim Bright Counseling Services, PLLC in August of 2019 to serve our BIPOC population and friends across Michigan, via teletherapy. I get to spend my days with the best clients, and so appreciate that we walk together as we do life. My goal is that my practice be a place of healing. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not add that I am a wife - to David, who so colorfully shapes my world. We currently live in Farmington Hills, MI, though I am originally from Saginaw. And, together we have many nieces and nephews that we love dearly and enjoy.

2. Who is one or several women in your life who inspired you, and how did they influence you?

I'm not sure I can name one without naming at least five women who have inspired me and helped to make me who I am. My mother, Mary A. Scott loved my sister and I so completely. My sister, Donya Jones is strong, daring, and loyal. My friends Dr. Mitzi Smith and Jessica F. both have walked with me as I've grown. And my cousin Tonya Sims has taken up many a battle with me, both past and present. Each of these women has played a more huge role in my life than I have words to describe. They have taught me and inspired me, and joined me on many a venture. I love and truly appreciate them all.

3. Would you share about a time when your way/path was blocked or hampered because of your gender, and how you navigated this?

It is no secret that my biggest block has come in the church. I graduated from Seminary with a Master of Divinity in Counseling, and encountered men who set themselves against me just because. I'm sure that is one reason that I decided to create my own healing space.

4. Was there an implicit or explicit message about being a woman that significantly formed you that you would like to share?

My dad would always talk to me about what being a Black woman would mean as I went out in the world, and he always made sure with each conversation that he left me with the knowledge that I am smart, and I am strong, and I could be and do anything I wanted. No matter what the world might try to tell me. I love being a Black woman.

5. Is there a business, project, book, passion, non-profit or the like that you would like to highlight and share with others? *Please feel free to highlight your own!!

I know I've already talked about my practice, Aim Bright Counseling Services, PLLC. You can see more about me and my practice at

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