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See what you can find; try a new Perspective

I love the game Boggle. I was so glad to find it as an app on my tablet. I don't love all the ads, but I digress. There are 'helps' you can add to each game to improve your word finding outcomes, one of those helps is the option to rotate the boggle board. Rotating the board keeps the exact same letters in the same spot, you just see them from a new/rotated perspective.

It never fails, after a rotation, I see words that didn't even register before the new perspective. What I literally could not see, was there, I just needed to look from a new perspective. Recently, this got me thinking about applying this in a broader way. What if I feel like I'm stuck in a situation, or I've seen all there is to see? What if I then rotate my perspective?

Some 'helps' to consider to 'rotate' the situation;

  • What might my best friend say to me?

  • What will this mean in 1 month? 1 year?

  • Do I need more information, if yes, what?

The boggle boards pictured are the same, with one rotation- try it out; see if you can see new words with the new perspective!

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