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The power of consistency

What do you do if you don't get results you want or hope for right away, or even the first few times you try something new?

I put out a hummingbird feeder around the start of summer, and hoped that I'd get to see the beautiful little birds later that same day, or at the latest in the same week. I didn't. Every 3-4 days depending on weather temps I'd change the feeder sugar water. I did this for 2 months without seeing one hummingbird.

Then, on a gorgeous morning in August, one arrived and enjoyed the nectar. I was over the moon! I may have jumped up and down and squealed with giddiness (I did.) And guess what? The bird came back several times, and then later that day too. I've seen a hummingbird about every few days since, and it has been glorious.

As I watched the hummingbird drink from the feeder the first time I thought about how long it had taken for the bird to show up, and that if I had given up after the first week of changing the food out I would have missed this glee. I thought about how being faithful in my actions eventually got me to the goal; feeding and seeing hummingbirds.

What is a big goal you have? Have you given up on something after a couple tries?

Is there something you can continue to be faithful with even though you haven't gotten the outcome you hoped for sooner?

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