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Honoring differing parts of yourself

Do you ever notice that you have parts of yourself that seem to be in opposition?  You love competition, and also love seeing everyone win? You crave quiet, and also love a great crowded social event?

I have been aware for a while that I have 2 seemingly at odds parts of myself; a part that loves predictability and a part that loves spontaneity and some unpredictability. 

Up until several days ago, I have tried to ‘manage’ these seemingly opposing parts of myself; who am I really, what’s the wounded part of me that needs to be healed so only one of these parts can ‘win,’ what's the part that needs to be decreased, smushed? Surely they can’t both be true!  

Well several days ago I had an epiphany: what if they are both fully me? What if instead of trying to smush one, I honored both? Mind blown. So my next task is to wonder and consider how I might honor both parts, instead of trying to silence one. 

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